Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And now Marriage

Today the Archbishop of Canterbury decries partnerships as weakening family values. A radio listener wanted to invite the said prelate to her celebration of 25 years partnership which will take place amongst her, once wedded but now divorced, friends. So much for family values! Her union has lasted much longer than those failed, though blessed, marriages.

I do become amused when others pontificate about the royals becoming separated or divorced or re-married; complaining about the fact that a potential monarch has power to appoint bishops in the Church of England. Do these self-righteous commentators have no sense of history?
The Church of England, whose values they so want to defend, was created by the ‘Defender of the Faith’ a certain Mr.Henry number 8. How many wives did he have? How many divorces? How many of them did he have put to death in order that he could re-marry? Who, not acceptinging the stance of the then church on the subject of divorce, abolished it and set up his own, with himself as its supreme head?
Don’t make me laugh.


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Brian Sibley said...

Supposing the A of C ever heard of the invite, it would be a Christian act to attend that party or at least sent a card... Let's hope someone tells him!

I should be said, however, that it is never easy being an Archbishop - as several predecessors who went to the block or the stake or who died by the sword can doubtless confirm from regions beyond (though not necessarily above)...