Monday, May 28, 2007

Sea View?

I guess if mud and gravel aren't your forte then facing away from the sea and the sailing dingy is a reasonable alternative; in which case I cannot help but wonder why they bother going to the beach at all!

I am reminded of those day-trippers who arrive at the seaside car-park and then set up their picnic table adjacent to the boot of their car. I guess they can keep an eye on the car whilst they eat. It sort of defeats the object of a 'day out' somehow.

(Photo: Whitstable, Kent. May 2007 David Weeks)


Brian Sibley said...

I wonder whether landward-facing trippers constitute any sort of a navigational hazard for the crews of sailing vessels?

Qenny said...

Adjacent to the car? I know a lot of people who park on the promenade and then remain in the car observing the see through the window whilst slurping their way through a thermos of weak, milky tea.