Monday, May 29, 2006


"The best business is often done when business is said to be no longer being done."

Whilst I hold no remit to defend 'Two Jags Prescott', it is possible that his recent croquet game, during working hours, was a ploy to achieve some business success.
On the other hand it may have been just a croquet game.

PS. I think the media have decided that Prescott has to go and will relentlessly pillory him at every possible turn.

PPS. There are lies, damned lies and statistics ~ and then there is, even worse, the press.

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Brian Sibley said...

It is also, of course, possible that the man is a randy s*** who also happens (as those who are still defending him say) good at what he does in chairing committees etc. After all, he most direputable people have run hugely successful companies - even entire nations!

Anyway, I really hope it is all a great conspiracy and that Prescott has the low-down on some terrible Blair secret which is keepng him safe! That could be much more fun than the Prescott story... 'Gay Croquet games at Chequers with Blair and Prezza...' 'Devastated Cheri says "I never guessed"...' Or maybe not...