Monday, February 26, 2007

B.A. ~ Bl**dy Awful!

BA offered me the chance to upgrade my flight for £50
I go on on-line and try to to do this.
I can’t.
I send an e-mail asking why this is.

The reply:

Dear Mr Weeks
Thank you very much for contacting us.
To be sure you have an answer from us as swiftly as possible, I would be grateful if you will speak to our customer support team. They deal with all pre-travel enquiries and they'll be happy to give you individual assistance.

Please phone them on 0870 850 9 850 and give your booking reference number when you call.

I'm sorry not to be more immediately helpful, but do please phone our customer support team. They'll do all they can to help you at once.

Best regards

Praveen Satheesan

British Airways Customer Relations

I phone the number given:
After an interminable wait I ring off and send another e-mail:

Your reply sent me back to your telephone enquiry service. Here I pay for the privilege of being held in a queue and listening to endless BA adverts and information.
Even early on a Sunday morning you experience and extremely high volume of calls ~ well it is a pre-recorded message so you always experience a high volume of calls ~ perhaps this should tell you something!

I have visited and failed to "manage my booking" and was told to ring you.
I ring you and your message suggests I go on-line.
I am quite dizzy going backwards & forwards. . . .
Most unimpressive.

Looks like the upgrade isn’t going to happen!


Brian Sibley said...

Maybe they should up-grade their service! ;-)

Rob Cox said...

May I recommend a good site for you (and others) David. Namely
Type in the 0870 number you have been asked to ring and it usually will come up with an alternative geographical (ie cheaper) number and one that doesn't have a queue of frustrated callers in front of you!!

Qenny said...

I wonder that idiot in their PR department thought this one up:

"I know - we'll make it look like we're being really generous by allowing people to upgrade for a fee, but when they try to do it, they'll never get through!"

Actually, the "!" might well be better replaced with a "Bwahahahahaaaa!"

Anne said...

Incompetence, apathy..... or nefarious scheme? Hmmmm....

rajdeep said...

i experienced a more bitter response from the Customer Relation guy..Praveen Satheesan....he is now working for JetAirways..