Monday, April 09, 2007

David Weeks MIMC

Out of the blue, but in time for Easter, came an announcement that the President of The Magic Circle has recommended me to be elevated to MIMC which stands for Member of the Inner Magic Circle. This promotion will mean very little to the general public but within the club it means that you have arrived! The award, curiously, is in the gift of the President and is then, by convention, ratified by the council. It is not, like the Associate of the Magic Circle (AMIC) nor Membership (MMC) achieved through an examination.

Ask not the reason why me? Be grateful at the honour bestowed!

Well, thanks.


Ian said...


Does this mean you get to hear more secrets and stuff? It all sounds very "Harry Potter".

David Weeks said...

Thank Ian.

Perhaps the award is bestowed because the recipient has heard too many 'secrets' and discovered too much 'stuff', already.

Less 'Potter', and more like 'Gandalf the Grey' becoming 'Gandalf the White' then 'Gandalf the wizard of many colours'

David Lait said...

Dear David,

Congratulations on your promotion to MIMC. At last a worthy call to the elevation within the Circle. I read you do a lot for TMC in the Circular and I can not think of someone more deserving!

Gandalf & Merlin would be pleased -as am I

Qenny said...


huge, big throbbing congratulations!

Next time I see you at Ask, methinks some bubbles might be order.

Mark Lee said...

Mark Lee ( wrote:

CONGRATULATIONS to DAVID WEEKS on being promoted to Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

Delighted to read this David. Very well deserved.