Saturday, June 23, 2007

Secret of Political Success

I read today, as a teaser to a Times magazine article that is to appear on Saturday, that the departing prime-minister, Tony Blair had a pair of hand-made, brogue shoes. He wore these, to every parliamentary question time, since 1997.
No harm in that I guess, good to know that these Church's shoes lasted so well and had only to be resoled once in all that time.

What is slightly disturbing is that the leader of our country is on record as declaring them to be his "lucky" shoes.
Forget statesmanship, forget informed wise leadership ~ what we seem to rely upon is a pair of "lucky" shoes.

Tonight at work in the Criterion restaurant, I was chatting to some American tourists who volunteered that they not angry with George Bush, because you cannot be angry with someone who is so palpably stupid and lacking in any brain. Perhaps, he too, would benefit from lucky footwear!

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Brian Sibley said...

Apparently, they only needed to be re-soled once in 18 years, I'd say that was pretty lucky... ;-)