Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Athens on the move . . .

My first experiment in uploading a video clip, tricky for a non technophile!

Athens from the hotel rooftop. Evening September 2006

Just like any city in the world, I guess, there is the background wail of the emergency vehicle siren

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Ian said...

Hmmm. Not working here. You click on "Play" the word "Loading" appears and then nothing - it's not even attempting to download anything over t'web.

Does it work for you on a Mac?

David Weeks said...

Well, I did say I wasn't a technophile! Yes the link works just splendidly for me and for Brian ~ but then we both have a Mac. Could it be that I need to make the video accessible to the world, and not "Private"?

Ian said...

That must have been it because it works now :)