Sunday, October 15, 2006

First Cuckoo?

Time was, when 'The Times' always published a letter from the first person to have heard the first cuckoo of the year.

I think it time to add to this idea of first hearings, or in this case sightings, with the first Christmas decorations of the year.

I claim the honour!

Tonight, 15th October 2006, in Gosling Way, Kennington, London I saw the first Christmas decorations of the year, not only up, but illuminated too; courtesy of Lambeth Council.

Ten weeks before Christmas and lit decorations ~ I think that someone within the council has gone quite cuckoo.


Ian said...

One of the Sunday papers pointed out how bizarre it was that while Christmas decorations were being put up in a small coastal town, people were walking around in shorts and flip-flops enjoying the extended Summer.

Scrooge said...

As i drive to work everyday I see similar lights already up and blazing away. They start off as being for the festival of Divali in late October and then stay up for Christmas afterwards.