Friday, October 20, 2006

The Quirkiness of Folk

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Whilst the ceremony to remember those who lost their lives here was indeed moving (see Brian's account above) and the inscription on the unveiled, memorial stone, not only thought provoking but also a tribute to the caligrapher's art; I was fascinated to observe the behaviour of those in attendance.

The memorial stone is essentially a two dimensional piece, and none the worse for that; so why do people feel compelled to look at the back of it? Have a look at the video clip to see just what I mean.

It's rather like those recipients of the 3D. Pop-Up Greetings cards who look at the reverse of the image to see if it too, is printed ~ I know I do, and am pleased, and satisfied when it is!

What people look at

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Brian Sibley said...

This is very true - I've also noticed that people always seem to turn over a buiness card and look a little diappointed if the back is -- as it usually is - BLANK!

Of course with graffiti-taggers running about all over this (and pretty much every other city) with their spray-cans, there's now, unfortunately, very good reason to look on the back of something like a memorial...

But let's hope this beautiful piece of Caithness stone remains permanently unblemished.