Thursday, March 29, 2007

Likings & Loathings

Back in February Brian posted 'Likes and Dislikes' relating to a particular letter of the alphabet; many others joined in the game and I too, requested a letter.
Late, but here is the letter:


Men and Mates and in particular My Man (Brian) and, in the past, Michael

A boy's best friend ~ My Mother

The goddess of the night, that pale satellite of the earth, the Moon

On the Moon these are found and on the earth too, those magnificent enduring lumps of geomorphological creation Mountains

To make me Mirthful or Mournful or Meditative or a combination of all of them ~ Movies

My hobby and my job, Magic, and a writer about this, the late
Billy McComb

Meals, Meat and Muffins (better than crumpet)

The human quality of Magnanimity


Muddle and Mess in thought or lifestyle

Mispronunciation of the word 'Homosexual'. The root being Greek for 'same' rather than Latin for 'man'

Misunderstanding of the root of the word 'Chairman'; from the Latin in which the person who is invested with the power at a meeting, rather than assigning a gender. If this were understood then the word 'Chair' for this task would be replaced correctly with 'Chairman'

Misunderstanding of the Millennium and the proper understanding of when it started; at the end of the year 2000.

Mealy-mouthedness ~ call a spade a shovel

Misguided philanthropy, Misanthropy & Meaness of spirit

Munitions. When did they ever actually solve anything?

Misappropriation: theft of videos, films, ideas of others.

Managers who believe in top down, rather than bottom up, style of management. This is exemplified, perfectly, by the continual government legislation of education

Medicine that has so many side-effects that it does more harm than good in the long run

Members of Parliament. In fact most politicians who have their own interests and desire for power taking precedence over the well-being of those they should be serving.

Oh dear I seem to have more dislikes than likes ~ I blame the letter!

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