Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why do it?

Just because something can be done isn’t necessarily a reason to do it.

Version Tracker lists programmes, daily, that are available on Mac computers.

This one turned up today:

Keymileage - 0.5.2
 measures how much your fingers move to type

Product Description:
Keymileage figures out how many miles your fingers travel when typing. You can even measure really long files.

Keymileage tabulates in both the simplified Dvorak layout and the QWERTY layout.

If you can think of a reason for having this, then you can at this site ~ and free too!


Neoncow said...

It would help you determine if there is any benefit to switching to the Dvorak keyboard. For example. Check out this java applet:

Copy the text of your post into the applet and take a look at the home row percentages. Now look at the same finger percentage. Now that may not convince you to swtich, but you should at least find it interesting.

Brian Sibley said...

I daren't even look - in case I discover that I NEED it!! ;-)

"Let your fingers do the walking..."

David Weeks said...

Nice of you to drop by, Neoncow. I'd be interested to visit your Blog which seems to be open only to invited guests of which I am not one!

Suzanne said...

People who get travelling expenses?