Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Anonymous commentator & 0870 numbers

In reply to my entry about Olympic Airways I received a response from 'anonymous'.
As a general rule I do not encourage anonymous postings/replies; after all I've put my name to what I've written, why can't others do the same.
The poster comments about the excessive charges of an 0871 number and that it shouldn't be a premium rate number.

In reply all I can say without fear of contradiction is that I called it from a mobile in order that I could put it on a speaker to save me getting arm ache as I waited for a reply ~ a reply which, in fact, never came! Further I saw the phone bill for this singular call, £1.43.

I take the writer's point that it is the mobile phone company who are 'ripping' subscribers off with their excessive charges.

I feel another rant coming on about 0870 numbers and would point you to a web-site about this very subject.

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