Monday, May 10, 2010

Number Crunching

Hung, and not so well hung, parliament.
All this talk about a coalitions and working together for the good of the country still misses consideration of one particular option.

The BBC has published a very clear visualisation of possible coalition possibilities:

Now look at the votes cast for the parties and the % of the vote for each party:

Add Conservative votes to those for Labour and you get 19,311,005 which is 65.1% of the votes cast.

If politicians really did want a 'Government of Unity' for "the good of the country" then the 59.1% with Lib/Dems is not as good as a Con/Labour cooperation.

Final thought:
If the politicians really had the interests of the country foremost, rather than their own tribal allegiances and lust for power then all the parties would form a ~ Government of Unity ~ a full coalition