Monday, May 10, 2010

Number Crunching

Hung, and not so well hung, parliament.
All this talk about a coalitions and working together for the good of the country still misses consideration of one particular option.

The BBC has published a very clear visualisation of possible coalition possibilities:

Now look at the votes cast for the parties and the % of the vote for each party:

Add Conservative votes to those for Labour and you get 19,311,005 which is 65.1% of the votes cast.

If politicians really did want a 'Government of Unity' for "the good of the country" then the 59.1% with Lib/Dems is not as good as a Con/Labour cooperation.

Final thought:
If the politicians really had the interests of the country foremost, rather than their own tribal allegiances and lust for power then all the parties would form a ~ Government of Unity ~ a full coalition


Brian Sibley said...

A good point, well made and it's still not too late for them to listen...


We've waited almost 11 months for you to blog again, but it was worth the wait!

Sheila said...

As it's just past the first birthday of this blog, could you not celebrate such an auspicious occasion by commenting on the recent results of the AV referendum ... or how your suggestion would have effected the local government election results ... or something ... ?