Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Haste . . .

Planning for the Future

If we have a high speed train link to the north of the country in 20 years time, who is going to

a) afford to use it when you consider the 'carbon tax' that will be levied upon machinery used

b) need to use it when you consider the possible developments in things like Skype and the increase in the number of people who work from home.

 c) want to use it when it is for people, rather than moving goods?

Perhaps the money could be better invested in developing an Internet network for the entire country that is so blazingly fast that high speed rail travel will seem lumbering by comparison.


Brian Sibley said...

Excellent questions to which we all (except, of course, the politicians) know the answers!

And welcome back! I always look forward to your annual blog rather as I did, when a child, to arrival of a new Robin Hood Annual.

(PS: I was going to say Mickey MouseAnnual, but thought it might be taken the wrong way!)

buttons said...

i want to go on that lovely, long, fast, shiny thing! can we? please?? it'll be fun and we'll probably have the whole train to ourselves...

Sheila said...

Simple ideas are always the best and more economical. I think it was Jeremy Hardy on The News Quiz who suggested that if people wanted to get to Birmingham earlier they should catch an earlier train.