Sunday, February 10, 2013

Horse Play

One man's meat is another man's meat, too.

Whilst I fully appreciate that now, under "elf an' safety", we need to know the entire pedigree of any meat we consume I am exercised into wondering why anyone would 'bridle' at the discovery that they had consumed a lasagne, burger or any other dish comprised entirely of horse meat.

I am reminded of those campaigns in which the consumer was asked to tell 'Stork' from 'Butter' in a blind tasting. It seems that in an unwitting test of the British palate no-one could tell Beef from Horse.


Brian Sibley said...

Direct from Ascot to Tesco: a new definition of fast food?

Michael G. said...

Does it taste like chicken?

SharonM said...

Great cartoon.
I suppose it's because we don't think of horses as being part of the food chain here.

Phil said...

I'm not bothered that the mammal I thought I was eating turned out to be a different (but equally delicious) species.

But I AM bothered that no one knew it was in there... or how it got there! Who knows what other unexplained items might have snuck into a Findus lasagne?

I suppose should be grateful that it's real horse, and not pantomime horse.

David Weeks said...

Brian: Maybe it's from (B)raintree - horses brains!?

Michael: Like Chicken? Doubt it... closer to venison I would have thought. Unless the horse shied at the first fence, in which case, chicken.

Sharon: Got me thinking about the various bugs, insects and reptiles that do form part of the food chain in various countries around the world.

Phil: I take your point - oh no I don't - oh yes you do - oh no......

Sheila said...

Manufacturers are apparently not aware of what they're buying to put in processed food. In which case they should be honest with consumers. So it's a more of a carelessness with labelling issue than elf 'n safety:

If it says "beef lasagne" on the packet and the contents list specifies beef, then they should be sure that's what they're selling.

If it says "lasagne" on the label and the contents list specifies meat, you take your chance.


Roger O B... said...

I like to think that some of the nags that have lost me money at Ascot over the years may have given me inadvertant pleasure later as stifado a or keftedes.

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to this Blog!